Welcome to the Website of Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. (COPR). We are a small, 501(c)(3), non-profit, all volunteer bird rescue organization that was formed to meet the ever growing need of re-homing birds that people no longer want or cannot care for anymore, or that have been rescued and need a new home. We are registered as a charitable organization with the Secretary of State's Office in Colorado. Many of the existing bird rescue organizations in Colorado and throughout the United States are unable to take in all of the birds that need to be re-homed. As a result, they are placing people and their bird(s) on waiting lists, which delays the journey of the bird(s) into a new home. Our main goal is to help alleviate a small part of this problem.
Another one of our goals is to make sure all adopters are educated about proper bird care in order to enhance the chances that the adoption is a success. As part of our educational process, we believe it is important that both potential and existing bird caretakers understand that birds need veterinary care from a veterinarian that specializes in birds. Therefore, we will gladly provide verterinary references or direct you to a resource where you can select your own avian vet.
We thank you for your interest in Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. and look forward to helping you should you want to relinquish your bird(s), to adopt one of our birds, or are simply seeking advice on how to improve the care of your companion bird(s).
Our philosophy at Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. is based on the best interests of the companion birds that are relinquished to us and is as follows:
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